Dog Collage


Sue K., TX

"Our 15 pound dog, Cooper, likes to try and slow our 25 pound dog, Cassie, during play by holding onto her collar. One day we heard Cooper screaming in the backyard. We ran out there and his lower jaw had become caught in Cassie?s collar. His neck was bent back at a terrible angle and Cassie was choking. It was horrible. Fortunately they got separated and no one was injured, but it could have turned out much worse. We ordered a breakaway collar that day; it?s a lot of peace of mind for a small price."

Pat Miller, The Whole Dog Journal, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA

"We put the KeepSafe collar on two of our dogs (Dubhy, our Scottie, and Tucker, our 75-pound cattle dog mix) when the two pals started engaging in collar-grab games. We found Dubhy’s collar on the floor numerous times and on one occasion trapped by his tags in one of the heater grates in the floor. I shudder to think what might have happened on any one of those occasions had he been wearing a regular collar."

J.M., Ohio

"The KeepSafe Collar has been a lifesaver for our rescue dog. She likes to be helpful and is curious about the dishwasher when it is open.   With her head in the dishwasher, the rack slid under her collar.  When she pulled back her KeepSafe Collar released saving both our precious dog and the dishes."

C.C., North Carolina

"I came home to find my dog’s KeepSafe Collar released near the fence where she had been digging and playing. I don’t want to know what would have happened if she was wearing any other collar.  Luckily I don’t have to worry about it – she will always be wearing her KeepSafe Collar"

South Jersey, NJ

"One time I did find a collar-less dog at home and the ID tag on his breakaway collar was firmly wedged between 2 boards on my deck. That time I know that his life was saved by his breakaway collar. I am a true believer in these collars and a very strong advocate for them and for your company. When the dogs and I go out, they will wear harnesses with their leashes, but I have also walked them with the leash attached to both rings on the collar and they work just fine. I strongly recommend these collars for all dogs."

C.D., Massachusetts

"Our vet told us about your breakaway collars after our dogs became entangled and nearly died choking each other.  I have felt more secure from the moment they arrived.  The play continues at full-speed but the KeepSafe Collars work like a charm and keep them safe.  Thank you!"

National K9 School for Dog Trainers, Bob Jervis, Head Trainer

"I am very pleased with your collars.  I suggest them to each class of student that I have. My own dog doesn't go anywhere without her KeepSafe Break-Away Collar."

Jackie T., New York

"We love your collar. Our vet is also suggesting them to everyone.  Believe me, I wouldn't plug anything that I didn't feel strongly about - your collars work!"

Cathy J., California

"For the first time in years I feel safe leaving collars on my dogs.  Thank you for the peace of mind."

L. Gosink, DVM

I am an ER Veterinarian in Eastern WA State. I have seen many dogs strangle from their collars. Last spring after seeing 3 dogs in 3 days come close to death and needing 48+ hours of ICU care I got angry and said “Why isn’t there a breakaway collar for dogs?” Then I googled it and found this company. I promptly ordered 3 collars and leashes for my dogs who love to hang on each other while playing. Over the last year the collars have held up beautifully. I frequently find my male Corgi’s collar on the law because my female Corgi hangs on his throat all the time. It reassembles easily and has held up well. No complaints from me. What prompted me to write this review today is that today I am on number 3 strangled dogs in the last 5 days. I am pretty much telling everyone about this product. I wish you would get into mainstream pet stores. The world needs these collars. I am sad that I keep seeing this problem.

G. Meyer

"Just wanted to say thank you for your excellent breakaway collars – there’s a chance I might not have seen our Wendley’s sweet face eagerly waiting for me to open her kennel door this afternoon if it weren’t for your collar breaking when she got her tag caught in the lower side of her wire kennel while I was away.  So glad it wasn’t a question for us to buy her and her older sister breakaway collars – keeping our minds at ease during wrestling matches and preventing horrible chance accidents! "

J.M., Texas

"Some relatives were visiting and the dogs were all in the yard playing. There was a lot of high energy neck biting going on. When the visiting dog got extra rough the KeepSafe collar snapped open and released my dog just like it was supposed to. My dog was able to escape without injury. I am so glad I made the switch. Thanks for a great product."

Everett, Washington

"I have used this collar multiple times for water work. I appreciate the peace of mind knowing my hunting buddy won't get hung up out there. The high vis orange allows me to keep visual contact. Several training associates are ordering the same collar. Great product."

K. H., Maryland

"I found my dog’s KeepSafe Collar released and hooked inside his crate. I am still thankful for the day I understood that the KeepSafe Collars could save my dog’s life.  That day is a reality.  These collars are the best thing going."


"We purchased these collars after a near miss when one of our dog's jaws got tangled with the other dog's collar. We cut them apart; they both collapsed, but survived. Thank you for this product. I wish we could convince all our dog-owner friends to use these before they have to experience the terror themselves."


"We bought these collars for our dogs a few weeks ago. Yesterday one of the dogs got her collar caught on a cabinet knob while we were in another room. The collar separated and freed her. I hate to think how that might have turned out without the KeepSafe collar."

Walter M., California

"You do offer a fabulous product.  My dogs tend to mix-it up in play rather frequently and they often bite near the collar area.  I would be terrified to leave them alone if not for your break-away collar."

Elizabeth N., Texas

"After we lost our Airedale Terrier to a strangulation accident we bought several of your collars for our other dogs.  We can't thank you enough for providing such a neccessary product."

Dick B., Virginia

"You're offering a great service to dog owners - thanks."
Chinook pictured with the collar that took his life. Through his death we hope other dogs may live.

The risks of tragic collar strangulation accidents and injuries are real.

The KeepSafe Break-Away Collar provides 24/7 protection from collar strangulation accidents.