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KeepSafe Break-Away Safety Collar


Adjustable Sizes: 
Small: 10″- 14″, 3/4″ width – Not for toy breeds.
Medium: 14″- 20″, 3/4″ width and 1″ width
Large: 18″- 28″, 1″ width
Collars should fit comfortably snug. Measure your dog’s neck where the collar would lay and add approximately 1″ for the correct size. If your dog can wear medium or large, choose medium to have less overlap material. Large is a very big collar.
Standard Colors: $16.99
Red, Blue – soft durable nylon
Chinook Designer Colors: $18.99 – made in the U.S.A

  • Patterned collars are UV, water and mold-resistant soft durable polyester.
  • Red, Blue, Blaze Orange and Purple are soft durable nylon.
  • Some patterned colors only come in 1″ width because the raw material is available in 1″ width only.
  • Available in M and L 1″ width only: Blue Bandana, Tye-Dye Reflective, Plaid Purple Pup, Captain America, Holiday Plaid, and Green Paisley Reflective.
  • Green Paisley Non-Reflective comes in sizes S and M 3/4″ width.
  • Green Paisley Reflective comes in sizes M and L 1″ width.
  • Colors may vary slightly from photos. 

Collars WITH 2 D rings: snap leash into both D Rings for leashing walking to override breakaway buckle.
Collars WITHOUT D rings: Don’t need D rings? Do you use a harness, martingale or headcollar to walk your dog? Collars can be made without D rings designed as a 24/7 identification collar only. ID tags may be attached to ID tag holder sewn on all collars and/or use with a flat Boomerang custom ID Tag. Designed not to be used with leash.
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Directions For Use

1. For putting the collar on and off use the side squeeze (quick release) buckle provided on the collar. The break-away buckle is designed for emergency release.

2. Adjust size for correct fit by moving the metal slide on the collar. The collar should fit comfortably snug. Allow two fingers to comfortably slide between the collar and your dog’s neck.

3. To walk your dog on a leash, simply snap leash into BOTH D-rings. (See Diagram) This overrides the break-away safety clip. To re-activate, remove leash and inspect the break-away buckle to ensure proper connection. It is incorrect and unsafe to hook your leash to only one D ring for the collar will release when pulled.

4. Attach your dog’s identification tags to the ID tag holder provided on the collar.

5. When necessary to hold the dog by the collar, grasp over the break-away clip area to help prevent the collar from releasing. To restrain the dog it is preferable to snap a leash into both D-rings. For times you anticipate needing to restrain your dog have a slip lead or leash handy.

6. DO NOT use for tie-out. This is a break-away safety collar for dogs that are NOT TIED

Reconnect Breakaway Buckle Video

Reconnect Breakaway Buckle

Breaking Strength

The breaking strength of the KeepSafe Collars is determined by the size of the collar.    The size small collars have a lower breaking strength than the size medium and large collars.

The breaking strength will vary depending on how pressure is applied to the collar. For example, if pressure is applied in-line, at an angle or twisted, the strength will vary. For these reasons, we do not give specific numerical breaking strengths for the collars.


The KeepSafe Break-Away Collars and matching leashes are made with superior-quality components and workmanship. It is our commitment that the KeepSafe Break-Away Collars are a high-quality choice for collar safety and provide peace of mind for dog owners. If you are not satisfied with your purchase please let us know, return the product and we will promptly refund the purchase price within 60 days of your purchase. The collars are not chew-proof.